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The goal of this program is to increase public participation in legislative and decision-making process es of the government. In addition, the program aims to develop democratic practices and to strengthen law enforcement in Albania.

Objectives of the program are to increase civil society participation in the processes of governance and to  strengthen civil society 's ability to inquire and monitor the government's actions, in order to create a more transparent and responsible system.

This program is mainly focused on the legislative process, but from another point of view that addresses the need of more public participation in all levels of government.

There will be three main components for this program:

    * The Monitoring Unit
    * The Training and Advocacy Unit
    * The Information Unit

This project includes some activities that will help provide : new information, an analy sis and the necessary foundation from which to evaluate the situation and the results that will be achieved. This will help to extend the program and its goals to other interested groups, and in other activities that share this same point of view.

The Monitoring Unit
The policies and the processes of drafting and evaluating legislation, within the Executive branch and the Parliament, will be monitored. These monitoring activities will encourage and aid in the lobbying efforts that will promote public participation in these processes.

CPS will provide to an NGO network with the necessary information for their activities in advocacy

The Center for Parliamentary Studies will hold inform ation sessions focused on the important political and legislative processes that aim at identifying the policy, or policies, that relate to the processes designated by a policy or specific legislation.

Each organization or individual that would like to be involved in this program should complete the form provided on the advocacy network Online.

The Information Unit
This unit consists of monitoring the implementation of the Law on Freedom of Information on Official Documents, and also of lobbying and assisting in government initiatives to design and introduce the regulations (secondary legislations) based on the law.

Another trend that should be established is legal assistance for individuals and organizations whom are victims of the denial of their right to information. An advocate will be hired by the center for the legal procedures that follow.

Informational brochures on the public's right to information will be prepared and delivered.

Through this program, CPS will provide an analysis of the policies and the other legal issues that have an impact on both the central and local bodies of government, and will deliver this analysis through regular seminars and written reports.

Beneficiaries of the program will be the interested civil society groups and government structures that will benefit from the consultation process and from the public's participation in the legislative decision making procedures.